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"Gluten-free pizzeria in the Algarve"

Another of the places we went to, during the good summer holidays, was this pizzeria. If you are or are close to Albufeira do not miss it. From the starters, the pizzas, the desserts and the service, it's all five stars!

I would advise, even, those who are in the Algarve to go to dinner with Mr. Frogs! The owner knows what he talks about when he explains and talks about DC, because he has a celiac daughter!

The restaurant is very nice as well as all the people who work there, it is there that hosts the celiac meetings of APC, in the South! When you decide to go to Mr. Frog's, reserve your pizza first, if you choose pizzas, because they also have gluten-free pasta menus and salads! As long as you have your reservation, it is done! Then at the restaurant, you choose what you want, from the huge list they give us and which gives us extreme freedom of choice, something we are not used to! In between there are stuffed mushrooms and chips of potatoes (photo) ... the dessert we chose was the delicious homemade panacota!

The gluten free pizza is big, they don’t make small sizes, so if you don’t finish it you can take the rest in a box home! not because they don’t like it but because it’s extremely well filled and composed, tall, fluffy, divine, I advise it because it’s worth it!

Congratulations to this Mr. and Mr. Frog's who give us back the freedom of choice and the achievement of a smile of happiness that only seen !!!

Philippa | blogger
"Delicious pizzas with and without gluten"

The friendliness and efficiency of all the staff is unbeatable! The pizzas are delicious and to be able to observe the smile of satisfaction of my daughter, celiac, who finally, at the age of 24, enjoys a freshly made gluten-free pizza, which looks and tastes just like the rest of the guests is a must! Thank you Mr Frog's

galhofo paula
"Very good"

The pizzas are wonderful, both gluten-free and traditional pizzas. It is important not to forget to call ahead in the case of the gluten-free option, preferably the day before, to order. The service is very caring, people are friendly and try to please as much as possible. The value, taking into account the location, is not at all exaggerated. Without a doubt it is a place to return!

Cati FM
"Top service in Albufeira"

In addition to the food being very tasty, the service is exemplary, all establishments in Portugal should mirror the sympathy of these gentlemen from the boss, waiters to the kitchen ... I recommend

Pablo Seixas

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